Summary submission

  • This site will take you through the APLS 2016 summary submission process.
  • You will have an opportunity to update/edit author names, affiliations, and the summary title.
    These inputs will be reproduced in the conference proceeding and make sure all your inputs are correct.
  • Summary uploads are due by March 27 April 17
  • Detailed instructions are given in the files that can be accessed through the links below.
    If you have any difficulties with the upload process please contact for assistance 
  • The corresponding author's email address, which you filled in this process, will be your login ID for the paper submissions.
    Therefore, you have to register your summary one by one while remembering your ID, the corresponding author’s email address, and different passwords are possible for several summary submissions.
  • After your submissions, you can browse all the submissions if you log in with your ID and one of the correct passwords. 
    If you need any help, you can contact 
  • Poster size should be less than A0 standard (84.1cmX1189 cm)
  • - The summary is identified with e-mail address and password.
      So, when you submit several summary, one of them should be different.